Sunday, 10 March 2013

Diary, Day Two. Musical madness

THRESHOLD'S second day began with a carnival of fabrics and shiny things at Vintage
Pillbox. Fashion magpies swooped and whooped (I made the sort of coos I usually
reserve for cake).
The pillbox team smiled on encouragingly, making mix and match suggestions and adding hats wherever possible. Check them out at their regular gig the last Sunday of every month at Leaf on Bold Street.
The day saw families turn up en masse to eat lunch in the creative atmosphere of the Furnace room. Children were shown how to make balloon animals and scribbled on the paper covered tables. A top idea that should be embraced by family friendly restaurants everywhere.
Later, the space was cleared and the lights were dimmed for evening. Toddlers were still dancing up front though (as was I) when Kristyna Myles and posse treated the Camp and Furnace crowd to a harmonious acoustic-y slice of heaven. A sound that I will now always think of as scouse blues.
Keeping the spiritual feel going, Lauren Housley joined the stage with upbeat greetings. She belted out some powerful, soulful numbers. Songs that can't be sung with your eyes open. And a guitar backbeat that made the furnace crowd sway.
Around the corner at Elevator, Liverpool Acoustic were running the show. Lively beats beckoned from Synne Eileen and the Sunbeams. Pure, high tempo happiness. The musical equivalent of a sunny day off work when you've got milk in the fridge. And full of surprises. A fab tinkling piano sound from their keyboard player ripped into a thumping backbeat that made even dancing-phobes tap a toe.

Words by Emma Cruces

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