Sunday, 10 March 2013

Diary Day Three - Threshold becomes Thrashold

The last day of Threshold saw the festival become a Thrash-hold with thumping beats in the Furnace room. Charity partners North West Cancer Research had the floor in the furnace room at
Camp and Furnace. The place was filled with activities and families spending time together for Mothers' Day. There were also pretty hand crafted cupcakes and handmade jewellery for sale. What a lovely way to do your bit for charity.
Things kicked up a gear when the music began with amazing tunes from Liverpool band The Haze. All incredible musicians and great lyrics set to a jumping back beat. Definitely tunes to dance to.  The lead singer did a good job as frontman rousing the crowd and had a lovely gravelly Lennon-esque roar used to good effect.
Then a Brazillian theme descended with the arrival of BrazUKa. First performers gave a display of capoeira - a  Brazilian mix of dancing and martial arts set to music. Then Batala Liverpool marched out with their Brazillian drumming. Setting up a thumping Latin carnival sound that reverberated through the floor, the nearby streets and the blood.  Perfectly choreographed dancing from the group also brought some much needed sunshine to Liverpool too. An incredible day three for Threshold

Words by Emma Cruces

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