Saturday, 9 March 2013

Threshold Festival Diary//Emma Cruce's Day One

ESCAPISM was the aim and all at Threshold last night certainly felt they were in another world. In every corner of Camp and Furnace lurked unusual and thought provoking pieces of art, dazzling spectacles, circus folk hanging from the rafters and some amazing tunes.

One of the highlights of the night was the incredible feats performed by Ioisis. Their performers twisted and turned and climbed to the heights using metal hoops and simple hanging loops of ribbon. Many of the gymnastics performed would be worthy of a yoga master on the ground. However Ioisis performers did all that and more just hanging by a thread. As the artists climbed and wrapped the ribbon around their limbs they got higher and higher. Then plummeting dramatically making the crowd gasp, they bowed suspended by just one limb. The last Ioisis performance was a duo who flipped and turned, defying gravity. Careful grasping of each others' hands was the only thing between them and the concrete floor below.

After watching the performers the crowds were ready for some tunes. In Camp and Furnace, ME and Deboe got feet tapping and the Tone Puppets pulled everyone's dancing strings. When Ottersgear appeared with their brand of folk music revelry, the spirit of a ceilidh descended and we all escaped for a magic moment. It makes you wonder what other delights Threshold will deliver today.

Words by Emma Cruces, Photography by Paul Owen Creative

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