Saturday, 29 March 2014

FUTURE | VISIONS Art at Threshold: Graham Smillie @ Arena Gallery

Hello & Goodnight exhibition at Arena Gallery by Graham Smillie features an array of remarkable black and white images of Liverpool's 80s music scene

Hello and Goodnight is an absolute must see for retro music fans. Wearing its love of music on it's tweed greatcoat sleeve for all too see, this exhibition gives an amazing insight into a gone-but-never-forgotten music scene that played out against a background of Thatcher's Britain and, more importantly, Liverpool during those dark, yet extraordinary days.

Filled with images of key players like Echo & The Bunnymen, The Pale Fountains and an incredibly young looking Pete Wylie Hello and Goodnight is a warm and affectionate glimpse into a era of amazing creative output in the city.

Former Lightning Seeds misician Ian Broudie was visibly moved as he paid a visit and chatted aimiably with Graham about the exhibition and said it was a real trip down memory lane. He told the story of a picture of Pete Wylie jovially throttling Broudie (an attempt to get Broudie in as a producer) and was amazed at his own 80s hair. 

I left him and Graham to re-live the memories the images evoked as they made their way through old faces and remembered places.

Whether you're familiar with the scene or you're completely new to it, this exhibition is well worth a trip up Arena's stairs to view.

(Andrea McGuire)

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