Saturday, 9 March 2013

Threshold Team Diary//Day One: Escapism

Usually, I live for the adrenaline rush of having to be in 10 places at once. However, this does mean that I miss most of the treats put on for the punters. This year however, I feel like I definitely got the best end of the deal, as not only am I part of the Threshold team, I’m also live-tweeting and sharing my experiences with the blogosphere. 

This allowed me to run round like a headless chicken for part of the evening, but once I was no longer needed, I was free to roam around and take everything in.

The first thing I did was to cast the programme aside. One of the best things about Threshold is the diversity of acts on at any given time. To say that I was overwhelmed by the sheer amount of choice is an understatement, but I’ve selected a few of my highlights to share with you.

The theme for Friday evening was escapism, and The Lemon Collective had gone all out with their backstage at the circus vibe, from dancing elephants and acrobats to fire spinners and elaborate Ringmaster compéres. My favourite act on this stage was Kalandra, a six-piece folk/rock band from Norway with Celtic and Norwegian influences that really came across in their powerful melodies.

Craft Creative treated us to the ethereal Paper Garden stage in Furnace, which was as dreamy as it sounds. The various musicians each embodied the theme of Escapism in their own way, but the highlight of this venue for me was the tightrope walkers. The rope, set up in between a caravan and a metal bar, was danced along by two of the bravest men I’ve ever cast my eyes on. My heart was in my mouth, but I couldn’t look away. 

Upstairs through the Designated Vogueing Area which was hosted by The Roost, with their borderline experimental sounds, was the Art Attic where Jazamin Sinclair’s Dystopian photography installation tucked away in a private room provided a welcome escape from the wonderful chaos.

Before heading back to the production office, I headed over to The Elevator Bar, where I instantly fell in love with Man Get Out. Their delicious pop-indie flavour and their natural banter took me back to my teens when I lived for the nights I’d get to dance my heart out at gigs with friends. The Threshold Beer wasn’t half bad either. 

Today there is a full day and night of visual and audio treats including the Pillbox Vintage Fair, pop-up shops at Unit 51, Spark industry panels, not to mention music from the likes of our very own scouse kidda Esco Williams, The Elementals, We, The Undersigned, Fire Beneath The Sea... the list is endless. Check back in tomorrow to see how well I manage to fit everything in, along with making sure all is running smoothly backstage.

Also Spotted: Hollyoaks cast members supporting Holly Weston who plays Ash in the teen soap, taking part in some gravity-defying acrobatics.

Words by Luise Watson.

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