Friday, 1 March 2013

Threshold 2012 Time Slip// Day Two

Last years festival still holds many memories and as we count down to 2013's extravaganza we take a look back at the second day of 2012's festival:

Upon my arrival at the ever buzzing Camp and Furnace I noticed a multitude of craft stalls filling the lobby and main stage area and in a room as (literally) dotty as it is a craft fair was the perfect addition to a festival as diverse as Threshold. In fact the lobby felt distinctly like a very comfortable birds nest! 

But being caffeine minded my attention was headed towards the Bold Street Coffee Espresso bar and following my nose down the alphabet corridor passing (once again) men on stilts, various musicians and their gear being shifted (the gear, that is!) and a multitude of persons wearing animal hats I soon found myself in the Blade Factory next to the Liverpool Live Stage where coffee was being brewed as Chelcee Grimes prepared for her populous crowd of fans whom she thanked profusely at every moment. This was perhaps the most overt teen idol worship I have seen at Threshold and if we were all like that to our favorite musicians they would be very rich people indeed! 

I caught a portion of her set before heading up to the galleries to admire the work on display at HeadSpace's gallery and on the way I met a group seeking the Baywatch Factor and wondering just what that is I asked them: 'We just wanted to cheer everyone up at Threshold because the weathers been miserable lately so we wanted to brighten up everyone's mood...' said Leanne McGregor of the group. Nice, huh!? With so many people at Threshold seeking to brighten up other lives with cuddles, beach ball, music or what have they it's no wonder there are so many smiling faces here. 

The first floor gallery from HeadSpace also made me smile with some choice work impressing. Highlights include Dr Victor Freakinstyle's 'Scarface', Karen Henley's 'Having Friends For Dinner' Anna Di Scala's 'Nude Drawing 3' and Steve Phillip's 'Fear of Love' to name but a very few.All of these plus the previously mentioned  installation from Robyn Woolston and a fake fire to warm yourself on make for some must see art! 

Other highlights of the day include watching artists rehearse in the cuddle corner; leaving a subtle message of love on the wall (Can you find it? A very special prize to anyone who can...) and counting how many animal hats I came across. And did anyone else notice the elephant in the corner?! But one particular highlight was a visit to the Nordic Church where an acoustic performance from Miles Carrington caught my ears as well as the popular vintage gaming in the Crypt with many gathering to enjoy a quiet moment with their console. But the chapel was home to some theatrical performances including one from local steam punk multimedia performance group Dismembered Empire that had enough tension and hidden meaning to make an enjoyable experience all round. 

After heading back to the warmth of the appropriately named Camp and Furnace I saw various bands on my rounds but those that caught my eye the most were the ever energetic, completely unique Jazz Hands, whose primary aims were obviously to rock us awake with their drum heavy sound mixing with guitar and sax. If any band managed to be louder and brighter than Jazz Hands then they are truly super human. On the opposite end of the sonic scale was Imploding Inevitable Festival's Geoghagen Jackson, with her sumptuous guitar and vocal music keeping the audience firmly were they were to listen to her music. One final highlight was the magical combination of the cello and voice that make Tibi and her Cello a popular live prospect wherever she goes. With some new songs added to her set the battle between the opposite galleries thrash metal rhythms and the bands set was admirably won. 

A lot in one day then but remember that there is still one more day to go... 

Words By Sebastian Gahan.

Originally published via Threshold Blog 2012 and Seba Rashii Culture Zine

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