Saturday, 16 March 2013

Escapism in Pictures (Part II): Threshold Through the Lens of AB Photography

If you're at a Threshold event, be it the main festival or a smaller event, you can be almost 99% sure that Andrew Ab of AB Photography will be there too. He'll be shooting the festival through the eyes of his lens and the pictures are often fabulous, evoking the festival in ways unexpected and artistic. Check out some previously unpublished images from the spectacular weekend of March 8th to 10th plus some of his highlights and regrets from the three days that remain indellibly imprinted on our minds eye!

Favourite things from Threshold 2013:

Felix Hagan and the Family, especially with their two special guest Louis Barabbas and Mimi Amore.
Finally seeing Mono LPs, Broken Men, Brou Ha Ha and Walk all of whom are spectacular.
Mello Mello Burrito...
Hearing how tight Man Get Out have got after their Scandinavian Sojourn.
Stumbling across Gastric Band and the Flabulates. What an insane yet fascinating performance.

Being onstage with Fire Beneath the Sea and WtU.

Dancing to Rumjig on Sunday despite having simply no energy.
The Thespians still rocking out.
The Craziness of a Culture Less Ordinary. All of it.
Being a part of the Book Thieves Launch and hearing their song The Light.

Dancing Elephants.

Science of Lamp's revamp of Duckling Hell.

Most of all, the atmosphere of the crowds and venues! Everyone so positive.

Regrets from Threshold 2013:

Not seeing Spoony Bard or Bolshy.
Not being able to see more of Walk, Brou Ha Ha or Alistair De Plume
Not being able to try EVERYTHING on Mello's menu.
Basically not being able to be EVERYWHERE at once!

Many thanks go out to Andrew AB and the artists and team at Threshold for making the whole thing possible in the first place!

Words by Sebastian Gahan (Intro) and Andrew AB. Images by Andrew Ab of AB Photography. Make sure to check more of his workout at the link below!

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