Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Thresh News//9 Things to do at Threshold 2013!

We know what you're thinking...

There's so much going on at Threshold this year. Where do I start?!

It's only natural to wonder what killer band you're missing or what fascinating Spark Panel  is going on whilst you enjoy the festival elsewhere or searching for your mates because they've got the program. So I thought I'd let you know of some things you can see and do at the festival when that unmissable moment seems truly unmissable. Remember, this is just one list of a million possible combinations of venues, bands, visual arts and funny costumes so go where your nose (or throat or guitar or whatever!) takes you and above all enjoy being in another world for a weekend at Liverpool's best multi arts festival of the first quarter!

1. Visit the Fringe at one of the many wonderful venues including The Womens Institute, The Lomax and the breeziest of them all the Albert Dock with The Maritime Museum, PanAm and Haus among the venues offering a Threshold line up for you on the Saturday and Sunday between twelve and five pm. Listings are coming soon!

2. Remember that big pile of plastic cutlery sculpted into a wave last year? Well guess what... it wasn't just that. It was an installation by then future Liverpool Art Prize winner Robyn Woolston!  Of course, you knew that and this year there'll be another piece of modern art to marvel at. What will it be? You'll have to wait and see!

3. If you like film then there's a screening of Efterklang and Andreas Koefoed's 'The Ghost of Piramida' to feast your eyes and ears on Sunday at The Gold Room that is sure to be exciting. 

4. If the thought of getting down with some vintage is as exciting as the music that makes up seventy percent of Threshold then you really ought to check out the Pillbox Vintage Fair! 

5. How about something vintage yet again but of the more Super Effective variety? if that ticks your box then The Gold Room has  Super Effective Sunday: Vintage Gaming on Sunday from 12pm. How could you resist? 

6. If you're into the sound of fascinating people talking about what they love then the Spark Panels and Workshop program is for you. With true exclusives such as Paul Du Noyer talking about his legendary book on the Liverpool music scene Wondrous Place, some key members of The Giants discussing their role in one of the greatest pieces of street theater in recent memory and much more Baltic Creative or Ioisis Studios are your destination on Saturday and Sunday!

7. Marvel at the beauty of the venues themselves as you take in the festival atmosphere! Discover just why Camp and Furnace has its name or enjoy the legendary surroundings of The Picket. There's also the ever popular Elevator Bar and the gleaming Baltic Creative, housing the excellent Unit 51 cafe. Without venues as amazing as these, there would be no Threshold so show them all the love they deserve!

8. There's over 170 bands playing with some very large choirs making the number of individual artists over 500! And with that much to enjoy, it's time to get yourself to as many of them as possible. We'd like to think that whoever made us gave us the ability to split our bodies into parts so we could go see every band playing at Threshold but that's a theory we'll test on the day...

9. Check out the very funky Threshold Official Blog for our reviews, photography and much more besides on whatever wi-fi loving device you have! As Gil Scott Heron might say, it's a feel good thing...

 Check out full listings right here!

Words by Sebastian Gahan. Robyn Woolston photo by Scattershot Photography. 

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